We can't wait to welcome you to the village on Sunday. But first: please read the following important info carefully so you won't be faced with any surprises.

Tickets at the door
There are still tickets available. Until midnight tickets are 38 euro, on Sunday tickets will be 45 euro. Tickets are available online and at the door. At the door you can pay with cash and bancontact. Click here to get your ticket now.

Parking tickets
Due to limited parking space, we strongly advise to leave your car at home and travel by bike or public transport to a nearby bus station.

If you do decide to travel to Voodoo Village by car, tickets are available at the parking.

Navigation address: Gravenkasteel 100 Warandestraat 1851 Grimbergen or type in Voodoo Village at Google Maps.

Token tickets
If you bought a token ticket in presale, you can collect your tokens at the most left token desk on the festival terrain.

Weather & lockers
The weather forecast looks great for this Sunday, but it can be a bit chilly in the evening. There are lockers available, so make sure you bring enough warm clothes. Also be aware you can bring your bag onto the terrain, but it must to be stored in a locker.

Timetable & map
Click here for the full timetable and here for the map.

Lost & found
Lost anything or found something that's not yours? Please go to the token desk. After the festival you can send a mail to info@voodoovillage.be describing your lost item as best you can.

No entry without valid ID
Voodoo Village is an 18+ event and ID will be checked at the door without exception. Please make sure you bring a driver's license, ID card or passport.

Please be warned
Voodoo Village has a zero tolerance drugs policy. Please leave your valuables at home as pickpockets may be active at the festival. And finally, make sure you check Safe 'n Sound to find out how to party responsibly. Take care of yourself and each other!


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In the meantime, enjoy this final flashback to Voodoo Village 2016 with our magical aftermovie.

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