about voodoo village

Voodoo Village was born from an idea among friends to organize something together and to have fun doing so. Two weeks later in July 2015, the first edition of Voodoo Village was a fact, being a huge, unexpected success. That same summer, two more editions followed with a continuously growing attendance.

Rules and regulations


Voodoo Village Festival maintains a zero tolerance policy on drugs. It is forbidden to use or posses any drugs at the event. When the organization spots or confirms any infringements, the offender can be handed over to the police. It is forbidden to trade drugs at Voodoo Village festival . When the delinquent is being caught he/she will be transferred over to the police. Before entering the event you will be able to deposit drugs in the designated drugs barrels without being charged with any consequences.


Visitors under 18 will not be allowed (even when accompanied by a parent, guardian and / or other adults).


Access to the event site can only be provided if you are in possession of a valid ticket. Valid tickets can be obtained through the voodoo village Festival website. Once purchased, tickets can not be refunded. The organization strongly recommends not to buy any tickets trough a third party selling point. After leaving the event area, the right of access to the event site expires. Stamps or other methods will not be used to identify previous accessed visitors. Any evidence of irregularities such as, but not limited to, (attempted) use of (false) admission tickets and wristbands fraud is reported to the police.


At the request of a security staff member you should be able to identify yourself. If you do not have a valid identity document you will be denied access without right to refund of the entry fee. Valid identification means a passport, identity card or driving license. Copies will not be accepted.


Every visitor that enters the event area will be checked by a security employee. It’s allowed to request the search to be executed by an employee of the same sex. This check is set to all visitors, guests, employees and artists in order to protect the general safety on the event. Refusing the check will lead to denied access to the event.


Directions and instructions of the (security) staff must be followed at all times. At the suspicion of a violation of the rules, the security staff has the right to body search. Refusing this search will lead to removal from the event.


The use of medication is allowed when the medication is based on medical grounds and is still sealed. In any case the user needs to have a signed statement by an MD to show the organization. In addition to the written statement, identification with an ID or a passport is also required.

General information


Opening Hours

Saturday September 5th
from 12:00 till 01:00


Lockers will be present at the festival terrain to safely stow away any belonging


There won’t be a camping at Voodoo Village Festival this year.


lost & found

If you lose or find something, you can go to the counter where the lockers are being sold. After the event you can contact the organization on lostandfound@voodoovillage.be to check if we found your properties


There will be enough space to park your bike. More info on parking your car will follow soon.


Voodoo village festival is an 18+ event. Id will be checked without exception, so don’t forget to bring your drivers license, ID card or passport