Together with Ecofest we aim for a sustainable and waste-free festival, as we’re aware of the impact of our environment.┬áNature deserves to be treated with respect, just like we’ve been given.

Starting with small changes, we hope to stimulate the awareness of our visitors and preserve the terrain in its natural state.

By planting new trees, using re-usable hard cups, biodegradable straws, leaving no trace and efficient transport options, Voodoo Village is making the first steps towards a better future.


Planting new trees

Biodegradable straws

re-usable hard cups

Leave no trace

Transport by boat or bus

Free eco-friendly pocket ashtrays

A greener village

Together we have to make a difference while climate changes. Therefore, Voodoo Village gives a share of the profits back to Mother Nature. Moreover, donations will be collected to plant new trees in and around the village.


Did you know…

At Voodoo Village’s festival site is found the Cedrus Libani, one of the biggest trees of Belgium!