Taxis Verts

We partnered up with Taxis Verts in Brussels to make your travels to the festival as easy as possible and we have several ways to help you:

You can either pre-book a taxi with the app or find a nearby driver to bring you to your destination at any time of the day. Thanks to our recognized point of interest, you will be able to put in Voodoo Village as address and the app will get you to the festival. Moreover, as a visitor of Voodoo Village 2019, you get € 15 discount on your first order via the Taxis Verts’ app with promo code VOODOOVILLAGE.

Activate your €15 discount in 3 simple steps

  1. Download the Taxis Verts app in the App Store
  2. Link a credit card to your account and enter your pick-up and drop-off address
  3. Enter the promo code VOODOOVILLAGE and confirm your order

This offer is valid during the Voodoo Village Festival between 07/09/19 and 08/09/19 on the first ride ordered via the Taxis Verts application. 1 promo code per user. If the trip fair exceeds € 10, then the remaining amount will be charged to the users’ credit cards. Please come find us at our info center on the festival for any help needed regarding the app.

From Voodoo Village to the afterparty in Fuse for only €45.


→ Open the Taxis Verts app
→ Activate the “fixed price” option in your profile
→ Select your pick-up at “Voodoo Village Festival” by clicking on the mask icon
→ Select your destination “nightclub Le Fuse” by clicking the mask icon

The fixed price of 45 € will appear and you are ready to confirm your order.


ORDER VIA PHONE: 02 349 49 49
Pre order your taxi in advance or call their number anytime during the day. For those travelling with more than 4 persons, Taxis Verts offers a large number of vans able to transport groups up to 8 persons. These are available only by pre-booking at least 24h in advance by calling their number. 


There will be a number of taxis available near the entrance at our taxi point, where you can grab a taxi without reservation. Note that the fare will be metered, and you won’t be able to enjoy the € 15 discount on your ride. The taxis can be paid on board by cash or card. In order to make the process go smoothly, there will be Taxis Verts’ stewards available on site. Therefore, there is always the info kiosk where we are happy to help you with enquiries or help getting a taxi.